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Karaoke separées for every occasion

Whether party, birthday, family reunion, company party or just having fun together with friends.

Equipment of our rooms

6 rooms equipped with 65 inch big screen television or large screens and a lounge give you the right solution for every event.

Singing in special quality

Every room has first-class acoustics. Wall surfaces and furnishings have a great influence on the sound quality. With a partner like JBL we guarantee a consistently high audio quality.

Choose from a big variety of drinks

We offer a wide range of soft drinks. Various beers are part of our offer as well as a selection of selected wines and sparkling wines. The choice of spirits such as shots, long drinks and cocktails leave nothing to be desired. Food and drinks can be conveniently ordered via the system via the call button and brought into the room later.

Transportation included!

Within 50 km for at least 5 people